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Whether you’re a business owner moving to Madison or an already established company seeking reliable Madison white glove delivery for large-scale projects, Dairyland Moving & Storage can help. Our premium Madison white glove services prove useful to various types of businesses—interior designers, manufacturers, and short-term rental owners are just a few of the proprietors who often seek our services. 

We’re your one-stop Mad City delivery solution; we will take care of the receiving, quality control, warehousing, delivery, and installation of a wide range of items, including furniture, delicate decor, and more! Our services are entirely customizable, meaning you only pay for what you need. 

We service the entire Madison area, including Greater Madison and the Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan area; call (608) 856-6683 now for any Madison white glove service you need! 

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Madison

Are you tired of outsourcing multiple companies to handle your company's shipping and delivery needs? Sit back and relax—our Madison white glove movers are here to provide any moving or storage services you need. 

Here’s what Madison white glove delivery includes:
  • Pickup: A reliable Madison white glove delivery company like Dairyland Moving carefully manages your items from pickup to delivery. We will store all the items and bring them to their new address on your chosen delivery date. Look to our delivery teams for a smooth delivery!
  • Receiving: Some manufacturers prefer to ship directly to moving companies to lessen costs. We assist in receiving and temporarily holding goods before the final delivery and installation.
  • Inspection: Madison white glove delivery also means upon arrival, all items are carefully checked for damage prior to delivery.
  • Warehousing & storage: secure facilities allow for short or long-term storage of items until they are ready for final placement in the customer’s space.
  • Inventory management: We keep precise records of all items, providing updates on what has been received and delivered.
  • Delivery: Our experienced Madison movers and drivers ensure secure and timely delivery of valuable items using the right tools and equipment.
  • Installation: We will place items in the customer’s space and protect common areas by utilizing the proper equipment and moving practices. We will remove all the packing materials, ensure proper placement, and address your client's needs, like adding felt pads to furniture legs. 
  • Assembly: Our skilled movers can assemble furniture as needed.
  • Removal of rubbish: Our delivery professionals will dispose of any packaging materials after placing items in the customer's home.
  • Facilitate repairs & returns: We manage third-party repairs for damaged items and help with returns or replacements as necessary.

Considerations for Using Madison Senior Moving Services

Before moving forward with your plan to DIY your parents, grandparents, or family friends senior move, you may want to consider the following: 

Seniors in Madison have unique needs, meaning a do-it-yourself move may only check some of their boxes. Elderly people sometimes have health issues and are unable to help during the relocation process. Most senior moves occur after decades of living somewhere, meaning there are tons of boxes, bags, and rooms to go through. 

Many senior citizens downsize, which requires tedious sifting and organizing. Dairyland Moving & Storage has handled many senior relocations, and we know how tough it can be on the seniors and their families. This is why we focus on providing each of our customers with the care and curiosity they deserve; we’re tentative and will do our best to meet your needs within your budget. Moving help for senior citizens is a necessary step in the moving process that should not be skipped for more reasons than one!

Industries Served with Madison White Glove Delivery Services

Dairyland Moving & Storage caters to a wide range of industries in the Madison area and across the eastern United States. Whether you’re a prominent realtor needing reliable delivery services or an interior design powerhouse seeking storage space for your items, we’re the Madison white glove delivery company for you. Our versatility ensures that we can meet your unique needs.

We’re tentative, responsive, and skilled, and we're ready to assist you with all future moves your company faces. We know exactly what it takes to run a business and how to keep clients happy and within budget; our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. Instead of looking to multiple companies for these services, let us provide them all at an affordable rate.

Interior Designers

Our Madison designer delivery services are tailored to fit the needs of interior designers in the Madison area. Instead of stressing about where your clients’ expensive designer furniture and decor are, let our professional Madison white glove movers handle it. You should be channeling all your energy into your work, not coordinating with various companies to ensure punctual delivery.

Furniture Manufacturers

If you’re a furniture manufacturer, we’re your furniture storage solution. We work diligently to ensure all furniture items remain pristine, and our climate-controlled storage warehouse ensures all delicate items are safe with us.

Retailers & Showrooms

Madison white glove service comes in handy for retailers for many reasons. Many retailers seek our help when revamping their showrooms; we offer a secure space for designer items and will deliver them to the necessary location as soon as they are needed.


We will ship and import your client's household items hassle-free and affordably. Ditch dealing with various companies – Dairyland Moving is the mover who will care for your valuable items from beginning to end.

Real Estate Staging

Real estate staging entails complicated logistics and ample coordination; knowing your items are safe and secure is a major stress reliever. We have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space alongside our Madison white glove delivery services. Your items will be placed in climate-controlled units and delivered to your current project as soon as needed.

Airbnb & VRBO Owners

If you’re dominating the short-term rental realm, our delivery professionals are happy to streamline your process. We work closely with Airbnb and VRBO owners/managers to ensure all items are property packed, stored, and relocated.
Our packing services include securely packing decor items and unpacking them upon arrival at their final destination. You’re welcome to utilize our state-of-the-art storage facilities for any furniture items you don’t need at the moment. We’re even skilled in furniture assembly and disassembly, which can save you hours upon hours of set-up.

Why Choose Dairyland Moving & Storage for Your Madison White Glove Delivery Needs

Finding the right Madison white glove delivery company will take time and ample research. Talking to colleagues is a great start, but you should always check prospective companies' websites first to ensure you’ve found a great team that will meet your needs. 

Knowing what to look for is the key to finding the proper Madison white glove delivery and storage team. Here are a few questions you should be asking: 
  • Are you licensed, insured, or bonded? 
  • Do you have good reviews? What do your customers have to say about the experience you provide?
  • How many years have you provided Madison white glove service?
  • How many customers have you served & how many years have you been in business? 
  • Are you qualified for the job? Can you provide any and every service I need for my business?
  • Do your Madison white glove movers go through ample training?
Rest assured that your search for a reliable Madison white glove delivery company ends here. Dairyland Moving & Storage ticks all the boxes and more! We’re a trusted white glove moving company in Madison, WI, with over 11 years of industry experience. We’ve served over 15,000 customers, maintaining an impressive 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rating. 

Our Madison white glove movers are 100% background-checked and receive rigorous training upon employment. We’re the perfect team for your Madison designer furniture delivery for many reasons, mainly because our services are customizable. We will do our best to meet your needs within your company’s budget. 

Our specialized moving trucks are designed to transport all types of goods and furniture securely. Our packers are highly trained, meaning you never have to stress about the well-being of your belongings. Our team is happy to fulfill any request you have; we will pick up, store, deliver, and unpack your expensive items. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our Google reviews—over 250 people in Madison are satisfied with our services. 

You can count on us to fulfill your Madison designer delivery needs. We service Madison, Greater Madison, and the entire Madison, Wisconsin, Metropolitan area. Other moving services we’re proud to provide are local moving, long distance moving, and office moving.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer a Guaranteed Delivery Date

We will deliver your company’s items to their new home/location whenever needed.

What Does White Glove Home Delivery Mean?

If you require elevated care, attention, and service for your shipment, you need Madison white glove transportation.

Is White Glove Delivery Worth It?

With any Madison designer delivery service, you can expect premium care before, during, and after moving days.

Let Us Provide Madison Designer Furniture Delivery

Call Dairyland Moving & Storage at (608) 856-6683 for a free estimate for your Madison white glove needs. We proudly service the entire Madison area, including Greater Madison and the Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan area, with dependable moving services.
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