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Senior Relocation Services in Madison With Dairyland Moving & Storage

In 2023, more than 338,000 US senior citizens retired to a new location. Elderly people search far and wide for the best cities, states, and communities to spend their golden years. Whether they’re drawn to a new city for its climate, golf courses, or proximity to family members, it’s no question they’ll need help relocating.

Dairyland Moving & Storage is skilled in Madison senior moving; we’re proud to provide dependable Madison senior moving services to all of Madison, Greater Madison, and the entire Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan area! Our top Madison senior movers understand your unique needs! Whether you’re moving to Madison, WI, or from Madtown, we’ve got your back. We have compassion for all seniors trying to relocate, and our team will work hard to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. 

Some can’t wait to turn 55 and say adios to their nine-to-five; others don’t want to accept they’re turning another year wiser. While Medicare doesn’t consider you a senior until you’re 65, you can start collecting social security benefits at 62. In contrast, 55-year-olds across the US are granted the “senior discount” at beloved chains like Arby's and McDonald's. Essentially, a senior is anyone who is slowing down in life and is ready to move to a permanent home! 

Why Are Seniors Using Madison Senior Movers?

Elderly people use Madison senior moving companies for many reasons! It can be difficult for people of advanced age to pack their whole lives up, not to mention the hassle of planning an entire day. 

Forty percent of senior citizens move closer to friends and family, whereas others seek proximity to top healthcare facilities. Whether you’re a senior relocating for an increased quality of life or simply because you’re ready to downsize, you should hire a Madison senior mover. 

Most older citizens retire to smaller homes, senior apartments, and retirement communities (like 55+ communities in Madison). Whether you plan to move in with family or are relocating to a nursing home or continued care facility, we can gladly handle the stress of your transition.

Considerations for Using Madison Senior Moving Services

Before moving forward with your plan to DIY your parents, grandparents, or family friends senior move, you may want to consider the following: 

Seniors in Madison have unique needs, meaning a do-it-yourself move may only check some of their boxes. Elderly people sometimes have health issues and are unable to help during the relocation process. Most senior moves occur after decades of living somewhere, meaning there are tons of boxes, bags, and rooms to go through. 

Many senior citizens downsize, which requires tedious sifting and organizing. Dairyland Moving & Storage has handled many senior relocations, and we know how tough it can be on the seniors and their families. This is why we focus on providing each of our customers with the care and curiosity they deserve; we’re tentative and will do our best to meet your needs within your budget. Moving help for senior citizens is a necessary step in the moving process that should not be skipped for more reasons than one!

Top Reasons to Hire a Madison Area Senior Relocation Company

If you still can’t decide if hiring help is necessary, you should note that Madison moves for seniors requires specific moving industry experience and expertise. Dairyland Moving & Storage has been serving the seniors of Madison for over 11 years; we know exactly what it takes to provide you with an easy transition.

No Heavy Lifting or Tedious Packing

Many seniors are moving for the first time in many years (sometimes ever), meaning there is a lot of sorting and organizing to do; our skilled Madison packers are seasoned in packing whole homes and will ensure everything is sorted and packed correctly. If you (or your loved one) are downsizing, we will help you organize your belongings, donating any unwanted items! If you have any possessions you aren’t ready to part with just yet, our Madison storage services are the ideal solution.

We Put Your Health First

Some elderly people have health issues and aren’t able-bodied enough to relocate themselves. Let a top Madison senior moving company handle the heavy lifting. We have been assisting families and their elderly loved ones for over a decade!

Work With Expert Senior Move Managers

When you hire a Madison senior moving company, you will get to work with a senior moving expert with experience in extensive planning. A senior move manager will coordinate the entire senior relocation process, while providing emotional support. All senior move management is sourced from the National Association of Senior Move Managers

Your senior move manager will make a detailed floor plan of your new home, ensuring your items are placed in the correct spot on the first go-around. Once you receive your moving plan, our Madison senior movers will work efficiently to relocate you. We will handle the furniture assembly and disassembly, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. 

Cost of Hiring a Madison Senior Moving Company - How Much Do Movers Cost in Madison?

While there are factors that Madison moving companies will consider when formulating your quote, the only way to know exactly how much your Madison movers will cost is to request a free estimate. 

Your Madison senior moving help will consider the following when calculating your estimate:
  • Distance from your current home to your destination. If your new residence is out of our local moving service area (100 miles), your price will likely increase. Our Madison local movers bill by the hour, whereas our Madison long distance movers charge a flat rate.
  • Complexity of the move: The more complex the relocation, the more movers we will send, increasing the price. 
  • Size of your senior move: The more items you have, the more supplies and manpower we will need.
  • The Madison senior relocation services you request: Some services are included in your price, whereas others (like Madison white glove delivery) will increase your price. 
Regardless of your needs, Madison senior moving assistance should be affordable. Top Madison senior moving companies will do their best to work within your budget. For the best price possible and a free consultation, Call Dairyland Moving & Storage at 608-856-6683.

Full service Madison senior moving specialist will handle every aspect of your relocation for you; here’s what you can expect when you hire Madison senior moving assistance: 
  • Provide all the supplies
  • Pack your belongings
  • Furniture disassembly & reassembly
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Transportation of belongings
  • Unpacking
  • Disposal of packing materials. Dairyland Moving & Storage does not provide junk removal services, but we will get rid of any packing materials or boxes you don’t need!

Madison Senior Moving Companies - How to Choose the Best One

Finding a crew that will best fit your needs can seem challenging, but we have some tips and tricks to ensure you choose the best business to handle your transition. 
  • Always check your company's Madison senior reviews. You want a Madison senior mover who comes highly recommended. 
  • Ensure their whole team is properly trained and knowledgeable. The best Madison senior moving companies will put their crew through extensive training. 
  • Confirm their experience level; the more years of moving experience, the better!
  • Make certain they can provide the Madison senior moving services you need. 
Dairyland Moving & Storage boasts all the above attributes and then some! We possess hundreds of positive reviews and ensure our team is efficient, adequately trained, and ready to handle your move. We have over 11 years of Madison senior moving help experience. Our employees are background-checked, and 4.9/5 of our clients leave 100% satisfied. Having handled over 15,000 relocations, we have the experience and reputation you want in your Madison senior mover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Movers Cost in Madison?

The cost of movers depends on various factors. MoveBuddha says movers in Madison are typically priced at $85 per hour, with a total move cost ranging from $501 to $2,998.

What Is NASMM?

NASMM stands for National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers.

Let Dairyland Moving & Storage Get You to Your New Residence

As Madison senior movers dedicated to quality, we’re happy to extend our extensive expertise during your senior relocation. We don’t want you to worry about your big transition; instead, let us get you there in a smooth and cost-effective manner. 

Contact Dairyland Moving & Storage at 608-856-6683 for a free moving estimate on your future move!
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