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Madison moving help lets you embrace the ease of relocation without sacrificing control over your DIY move. With our experienced team of moving helpers, you’ll benefit from safe, efficient, and organized moving help by the hour without hiring a full-service moving company.

Madison moving labor means assistance where you need it and freedom where you don’t. You’ll handle the transportation, like renting and driving a U-haul or moving truck, and we take care of the heavy lifting. We’ll help you pack or unpack, load or unload, and provide a customizable amount of hourly Madison moving assistance for your seamless transition home.

Dairyland Moving & Storage happily services all of Madison, Greater Madison, and the entire Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan area.

Benefits of Moving Helpers

There’s all to gain and nothing to lose when you need help moving:
  • Convenience: Whether your friends have something come up on moving day or plans change, rest easy knowing that help with moving is a convenient phone call away.
  • Control: Enjoy expert moving help while keeping full control over the logistics. We’re simply there to help you when and where you need it.
  • Flexibility: Tricky schedule to manage while you move? Madison moving help by the hour ensures plentiful flexibility in getting the job done.
  • Safety: From furniture breaks to muscle tears, there are risks in moving. Avoid injury and let our team lift and load with the proper equipment.
  • Affordability: Madison moving labor services make sure you’re only paying for the help you need, and only for the time you need it, without the costly addition of hiring a driver.
  • Saves time: From packing to placement, our moving helpers bring fast and efficient skills to accelerate the timeline of your move.
  • Moving is harder than it seems!: Don’t let it fool you. Madison moving labor ensures you avoid the unexpected by bringing knowledge and skill to every scenario.
Less chance to damage: Packing, lifting, and loading your residential belongings is an art. As artists of the trade, we’ll make sure it's done properly so there’s no surprise damage.

What Professional Moving Helpers Do

Every situation is unique, but here are general guidelines for what our moving help services entail:
  • Packing & unpacking: We’ll make things move-ready by packing your items with meticulous care or help you unload the tuck and unpack items in your new home.
  • Furniture assembly & disassembly: Our Madison furniture moving helpers handle each piece with care, professionally disassembled for safe transportation or assembled back together just the way you remember it.
  • Loading the truck, container, pod, etc. Heavy, bulky items are a true challenge. A little Madison load/unload help is a critical component to making your move easy (especially on the back).
  • It's basically full-service: Madison moving help is the same thing as hiring a full-service moving company, just without the transportation in between! You’ll reap all the rewards of hiring professionals, just with a lower price tag and more control over your journey.
  • We’ll bring everything: Don’t worry about the supplies. Hire moving help, and we’ll bring along all the equipment, top-notch packing supplies, and everything else needed for a successful move.
  • Movers are the real deal: Hiring highly trained, professional moving assistance means hiring people who are experienced and skilled in the subject. There’s no need for guesswork when our pro movers are eager to guide you.

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Madison

Moving is stressful, and a little help goes a long way. Here’s where we can’t wait to lend a hand:

Load/Unload a Moving Container

Moving containers offer flexible and convenient options if you like to move at your own pace. These portable storage units are delivered right to your doorstep, where you'll easily load them and send them off to your new location (or to be stored) once packed. Our Madison movers for hire are here to assist with any departure from or arrival to Madison, and we offer the best rates for portable storage in Madison.

If you’re not from the area, here's a quick run-down of the other many options available: 

  • PODS: The biggest name in the storage pod game, PODS provides weather-resistant containers in various sizes to accommodate different scales of moves.
  • Pack Rat: Offering sturdy, steel-framed moving containers, Pack Rat is known for its robust security features and customer-friendly policies.
  • ReloCubes: U-Pack's ReloCubes fit into a standard parking space and are perfect for city moves or those with limited space. 
  • SmartBox: SmartBox caters to smaller, more budget-conscious moves, offering convenience and simplicity in their services.


Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of any move. Dairyland's team offers skilled packing help, efficiently wrapping and boxing your items to ensure their safe transport and arrival. 

Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

When you've opted for a truck rental to transport your packed belongings, the loading and unloading process becomes crucial to a successful move. Choosing the right rental company in addition to our Madison moving assistance ensures not only smooth transport but also the safety and security of your possessions. 

Contact us for help loading a moving truck or unloading, and here's a brief overview of your top choices for truck rentals:

  • U-Haul: A household name for do-it-yourself movers, U-Haul offers a plethora of truck sizes with an extensive network of nationwide locations and is best paired with our Madison Uhaul movers.
  • Budget: Budget Truck Rental is cost-effective, providing reliable vehicles for those moving on a budget. 
  • Penske: Known for its newer fleet and helpful customer service, Penske delivers a solid moving experience with added perks for long-distance moves.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise is renowned for its customer service and high-quality vehicles but has a more limited selection of rental trucks tailored explicitly for local moves.

Remodeling Home - Furniture Moving & Assembly

Remodeling your home often requires clearing out the space to protect the furniture from debris. Dairyland provides the muscle and care needed to move your furniture in, out, or around your home as needed, and our team is highly trained in furniture assembly/disassembly.

Freight Trailer Loading & Freight Moving Companies

Freight moving companies provide a hands-off approach to moving by delivering a truck & trailer to your location. You'll load the trailer (or hire our Madison moving labor to help load it) and drive it to your new location. Or, if you’re moving to Madison, WI, we’ll meet you at the site and help you unload and unpack. This is a practical solution for those with lots of household goods or who need to transport vehicles. 

Here are a couple of options:

  • ABF U-Pack: Offering a pay-for-the-space-you-use model, ABF U-Pack drops off a trailer, you load it, and they drive it to your new location, streamlining the long-distance moving process.
  • Broadway Express: Specializing in versatility, Broadway Express provides trailers ranging from 10 to 53 feet, capable of hauling everything from household furnishings to automobiles.

Self Storage Move-In & Move-Out

Self-storage facilities are a superior solution for those who need to stow away belongings temporarily or for the long term. 

With Madison help moving from Dairyland, you can effortlessly transition items into or out of our storage units in Madison, as our team ensures your belongings are handled with care and organized to your ideal preference. 

Pro tip: Label boxes and create an inventory list for stored items. You'll know exactly what's in your storage unit and where it is to maximize time, space, and accessibility!

Cost of Hiring Madison Moving Helpers

Choosing Dairyland for your Madison moving help is a convenient and affordable moving option. Pricing is straightforward, starting with a one-hour minimum for a two-person crew, ensuring you only pay for the help you need. 

For a more detailed quote tailored to your moving needs or for more information regarding long-distance moving or local moving help, please reach out to discuss your specifics!

Hire Dairyland for Madison Moving Help

With 4.9 stars from over 200 Madison local movers reviews on Google and superlative customer service, Dairyland Moving & Storage doesn't disappoint. We're fully insured, highly trained movers and have proudly built a reputation as the best moving company in Wisconsin for over five years. 

YOUR move is OUR priority. 

Tips & Resources for Madison DIY Moving

Helpful links for a happy move:

How to calculate the square footage of your house: For better planning and organization of your belongings and accurate quotes.

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